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French book for kids, Learning French

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ABC My First French Lesson, Learning the Alphabet with Annabelle


Learning the Alphabet with Annabelle

Follow "Annabelle" as she takes
you on various adventures, and
ends up teaching you a new skill.
Annabelle is a world traveler
who is always fashionably dressed,
and will not let anyone tell her
what to do with her big bouncy hair.
Her First Task? Teaching you how to speak French!

Children's Picture Book - Target age range 0-8

Excerpt from the Book's Foreword - "After many years spent listening to people butcher the words I would teach them, I've come to learn that when the French word was associated with a word in the English language, people had an easier time pronouncing and remembering it. It was then that a light bulb went off in my head and I got the inspiration to write this book."

Media (Scientifically proven benefits of raising a bilingual child)

The Benefits of Bilingualism (New York Times)

Bilingualism Provides Cognitive Advantages for Children

Mais Oui! Being Bilingual Helps the Brain Stay Young

Bilingual Babies: The Roots of Bilingualism in Newborns

Language Acquisition of a Bilingual Child: A Sociolinguistic Perspective (To Age Five)

Delaying the onset of Alzheimer disease, Bilingualism as a form of cognitive reserve

Learning a second language "boosts" brain-power, scientists believe.

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A-B-C My First French Lesson, Learning the Alphabet with Annabelle

About The Author

France Frederic is an engineer who saw a need for a multicultural heroine with brains and spunk. Everything about Annabelle, from speaking French, to not wanting to change her natural hair texture, is based on her life.  France hopes that children reading this book will learn something valuable, and enjoy themselves in the process. This book is the beginning of what she hopes will become a successful book series.

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